what i'm wearing

Hi guys, 2 quick snaps of what we look like today. It has been a boring day, just a usual sunday; lazy and boring. We want to make cakes!

blouse - grandpa
shirt - ?
pants - levi's


goofy shirt - vintage (i love goofy!)
blue cardigan - only
light denim jeans - mum
shoes - h&m
hat - partyshop (im addicted to my hat haha)

What Ever Happened The Strokes


MONI said...

cute cute cute!!

Loïs said...

leeeeeeeeeuk ;D!

ik vind je broek heel erg mooi Irisjeee.

we wear things said...

great outfits! thanks for visiting our blog!


Claudia said...

So freaking jealous of your lovely hat! And it's so cool you both show your outfit :)

Claudia said...

Would you like to exchange links?

Ca said...

I'm addicted to that hat too, haha!

getting-freaky said...

Leeukk! en pieter, je hebt lieve ogen:)

crash division said...

Very nice outfits, both of them.

S said...

You are both gorgeous! Love the styling and the pictures :)
Would you be interested in a link trade? I'm going to add you guys to my blog roll, I think you're fabulous

LOENTJE! said...

Leuke outfits! En ze gaan heel goed samen vind ik!

Richel said...

you guys look so cute!

Olivia said...

you guys are so adorable
very stylin

designerman said...

thank you for your comment! love looking at your blog too.

cheers, designerman

Shelovestheradio said...

zooo leuk!
als ik jullie samen over straat zou zien lopen dan zou ik echt denken; omg hun zien er vet uit :O'. echt heele leuke kleren hihi.

♥lyssa said...

hou van je tshirt <3.

Dream on said...

super outfits alweer :D
En wat een geweldig goofy shirt
Ikzet jullie tussen mn links oki?

marinanke said...

die hoed is leuuk!
hih,die wil ik ook ^_^

en een fijn blousje van pieter! hih

Anonymous said...

oh thank you for the nice comment!
im on you site for the first time and on this time i think it's quite strange, but your outfits below are really good!


emily said...

oh gosh, you both look amazing!

yellow said...

You guys look v. cool.. I'm especially fond of that hat!

Alice Point said...

Wow! Pieter, you look realy cute! :) I think, you should become a model :)

Iris, you are very stylish girl, I like this hat! :)

Ps. I love THE STROKES! :) :) :)

Esmée said...

Lovely! I think it's great that you combine a blouse of your grandpa with your own clothes!

Kat said...

Thank you both for your sweet comment:-)
Iris, i love you vintage goofy tee. I never tire of those vintage, sloppy disney tops, always cool!


very cute! like your blog!

CoutureCarrie said...

Love the Strokes and the outfits!!

Did you make your cake?


Nay'Chelle said...

Nice blog. You two are quite the stylish duo.

Creaholica said...

bedankt! hahaha - jaaa, volkswagenbusjes zijn echt leuk he!

jullie blog is trouwens ook echt leuk. leuke foto's ook!

Shelovestheradio said...

Ik hoop dat jullie snel weer nieuwe outfits of foto's posten hihi :).

head in the clouds. said...

damnn, i love those shoes.
and the strokes.

Your'e So Fetch! said...

I am diggin" the turquoise

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