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Hi guys, it's Pieter, I'm back from France. It was fun, but I'm happy to be back home. I'm not gonna write that much this time, just want you to know what's inspiring me these days.

Doctor Martens - Original 8-hole boots
I want those shoes so bad, I think they look so cool!

K-swiss - Julia Hederus

Even though I'm not a huge fan of K-swiss, I really like this shoe designed by the Swedish designer Julia Hederus. The shape of the things are known for her work.

Spring 2009 - Dries van Noten:



B said...

Interesting shape on the white ones.

Esmée said...

Like the docter martens to, i once had them in a bad colour green, but love them still.

Like to hear more about your holiday in france, had a good time?


ooohmaureen said...

geweldige schoenen :) die 1e. xxx

Nice and Shiny said...

Welcome back!!
Wow I love those kswiss shoes, their fab!!
Cool pics, I want some docs so badly as well :)

designerman said...

love lanvin. but i don't remember the 2 looks in the last picture. i need to go back and look at the originals.

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

those black sandals that the man has on,
ive got an excactly same pair..hihi


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