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Hi everyone! It's Iris. I went to Pieter. It was fun! We went to the city Rotterdam. The city is so great! The people there are nice and they smile friendly at you when you walk by! There was a big market with piles of clothes everywhere! You had to search a way through the pile for nice clothes. Haha I liked it very much! I bought a colourfull jacket, a sweater and shoes! They're the sweetest shoes I've ever seen! And I also got a little present from Pieter. Such a funny present.

Present!: A Hulk boxer haha! I love it!

Pieter and I also make some pictures.

pieter / vintage blouse / vintage jacket / grandpa's pants / iris' hat
iris / vintage sweater / h&m shoes / partyshop hat

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Ula said...

woooow, cool sweatshirt! :D

emilie said...

HEY, so sorry i haven't responded to your comment; cool blog. the boy should be a model. he's stunning. you've got some cool clothes yourself, miss iris. email me.


S said...

Iris, those shoes are AMAZING! Nice find :)
You and Pieter look totally fab, glad you had fun!

Ca said...

Oh thanks for the comment, you're so sweet, haha.

I hope you had a great time in Rotterdamand such a great purchase. Cute shoes!

Shelovestheradio said...

Je schoentjes zijn zo cute (a) en Rotterdam lijkt me wel een leuke stad hihi, ben er alleen nog nooit geweest! en wat cool dat jij vroeger ook een msd had, die zal wel heel tof zijn geweest :D ookal had je toen nog een andere stijl hihi. & wat grappig die boxer voor pieter =d de hulk oehoe. (H)

Aurelie said...

I love the pink sweater! Great outfit! :)

Dream on said...

wouwie wt een mooie foto's
en jullie zien er echt altijd
geweldig uit. Vet orgineel :D
En Rotterdam staat samen met
Antwerpen bovenaan mijn
waar MOET ik een keer gaan
shoppen lijst muha.

Mirthe said...

Ah, super vette foto's:)

Lana said...

Wat een geweldig jasje! En vind je schoenen en sweater ook heel leuk!

designerman said...

thanks for your comments. i love your blog - it's like watching a movie about 2 people in love! very sweet.

Mandie said...

cute pink shoes

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