To love means loving the unlovable

Hi everyone! I have a brandnew page from my inspiration book! My inspiration this time was love. There are some poems on the page that I really like. Everyone sees love in a different kind of way. If you say the word love, most people think about boyfriends, girlfriends, cuddle, kissing. But love is such a big subject. There are many kinds of love. Love for you family, friends, passions, nature and even life. Love your life and take a good care of it. Try to fulfil your dreams and enjoy every small happy moment.

must click for bigger view hihi!

Sabrepulse Forget


Mylene said...

LOVEly ;)

jann. said...

Ik heb die oude tijdschrift van dat meisje met haar opa ook nog. :)

Esmée said...

I think you did a great job with it, beacause i love it!

banksy said...

ahh.. so nice :)

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