Revenge of the nerds

Hi people! I surfed down on the internet for some nice pictures of inspiration. I was suprised that I collect a lot of pictures of men and also the same kind of style! It's a little bit like a nerdish-style. Blazers - ties - bows - suits - blouses - (big)wolly sweaters - hats - glasses.

HAHA a lot of red! I love the colour red. But that's the thing that I really like in a combination with this kind of style. Nerdish outfits with very bright colours! I also like big sweaters with a funny and even childish print on it. Hats! please, people must wear hats more often. Actually, I see more people wearing hats these days. So that's fantastic.

AH I really adore men shoes! I hope I find this kind of shoes in womens format haha! I'm also in love with the red hat. Menswear is just perfect. The dude on the picture is Pieter by the way haha.
P.S.: I miss you Pieter.

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Shelovestheradio said...

Lekkere nerds! haha ik vind die kleren echt superrelaxed uitzien.

marinanke said...

heeelemaal mijn stijl,qua jongens!
oeh,ik zag gister nog zo'n leuke jongen met een nerdy-style. hih

I LOVE YOU said...


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