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2 WEEKS REMAINING! yes yes pieter's coming home about 2 weeks. He's in France now. He said that Switserland was exhausthing but awesome! I'm still cleaning the house. I sound crazy, but I really enjoy cleaning the house! Put up some nice music and just clean your way down to your own memorylane, because I find all kind of stuff that contains a fine or big memory.

WOW I was going crazy today! I found a looooot of camera's! 2 Polaroid camera's and 2 camera's from my dad. I didn't even knew that my dad also was interested in photography haha! But the funny thing was, yesterday I said to my mum: We've got a Polaroid camera right? And she said: Yes but I don't know if you ever find it back. AND I FOUND IT BACK TODAY! Like it was faith! The Polaroid camera's also need the 600-serie films. The only films that I can easy buy because they don't produce the other films anymore. (Are they freaking insane! Polaroid is the best and revolutionariest thing ever! Your photo is just flying out of your camera! How cool is that! The quality is not the greatest, but ok. ) Enough with the talking haha!

polaroid 636 Close up, polaroid 1 + 1000, minolta srt101, paxina electromatic


The Strokes and Regina Spektor Modern girls and old fashioned men


marinanke said...

tof! :]
ik heb je ook een polaroid, maar geen filmpjes. moet ik toch een keer kopen, (als ik ze nog ergens vind)

marinanke said...

haha die je moet weg :P

Mylene said...

Waaat, te vét! Weet je niet hoe vet dat je al die camera's hebt <3

Dream on said...

ooooo geweldig!
ikvond laatst ook een camera
op zolder.. van me pa, super
mooi ding en hij heeft hem nooit
gebruikt ;S.. mja Polaroids
zijn echt te vet. hihi

Esmée said...

Love your camera's! I want them haha. Did you knew that your where on the end of my blog?;)
Take a look! You are one of my favourites!


Ride with you said...

aah polaroids zijn echt cool (:
en opruimen hoeft met lekkere muziek op enzo idd helemaal niet zo erg zijn!

Fashion Is Poison said...


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