Shall we cue the violins? Cos' this life is made of violence

Here are some photo's from Pieter. I think Pieter's photography is lovely! The photo's are made in Swiss and France. You can expect much more on his DeviantArt


sharon said...

wauw! pretty foto's!

getting-freaky said...

leuk voor je.

Nice and Shiny said...

Yes, indeed! Pieter's photos are mervelous!
I love the second one especially, its so lovely.
Hope you all are having a great holiday!

BLAKE said...

I love love love the last one... so pretty : )


Rosanne said...

hij maakt inderdaaad leuke foto's!

La Fée said...

the second one is just so sweet, but all of them are lovely!

giggleness said...

wow. beautiful. i adore the second photo.

she loves the radio said...

mooie foto's! :)
oja en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!, en dat er nog meer zo'n geweldige posts van jullie komen in 2009 ! hihi .kusx

Christine de Weerd said...

Hey! Bedankt voor je comment :D Deze foto's zijn ook echt zoooo mooi!!

Betsey said...

these are beautiful! i love the second one- so so pretty!

Kim Cuperus said...

Leukk :)))

Heel fijn 2009 toegewenst!

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