Kill a flower in someone's garden

The skies were bigger than I ever thought it could be ever could be
I really can't see where it ends
Clouds like bubbles in a sink touching my face
Makes me forget how to think
those dancing days - run run

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Martine said...

mega supah pretty!

Ilovevynilrecords said...

Jeetje! Wat een mooie foto's zeg!

Dikke kuddo's voor jullie!!!

MarionRocks said...

Thanks for your comment =)

Alice Point said...

Your pictures are better and better! I love your outfit! :)

Nice and Shiny said...

Your photoraphy keeps getting better and better, I love you guys. This is one of my favourite blogs of all!
Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked my drawings!

BLAKE said...

these photos pretty much = awesomeness. or the real worded Equivalent to my gibberish.
everythings perfect even without the Doc's *sigh*
well I've gotten rid of FAIRY QUEEN, but now I have a new (!) blog; ELECTRIC LADYLAND..
(the ex FAIRY QUEEN)

Ca said...

Etheral and scary looking, haha. But so chic!

Dream on said...

zoo mooi! Ik vind het ook
wel iets engs hebben eigenlijk,
met dat huisje en die bomen,
maar dat vind ik juist zo apart:)

issa said...

LOVE these photos.. and fabulous outfit

Eli said...

oh my that green color is supernatural!!

Merily said...

Beautiful pictures. I looks like some editorial.

Maddi said...

I love white tights. I desperately want some. Your pictures are so editorial-esque. I would love to be able to photograph myself like that.

I&A said...

Really pretty pictures! It kinda looks like "Let the right one come in"...

Bente said...

ik hou echt van jullie blog en stijl! leuke foto's.

Sanna said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew dit is echt scary,
ik zat echt net dat nummer (run run) in mijn hoofd te zingen, en toen dacht ik 'laat ik weer eens hier kijken', dus ik kom aan op jullie blog en dan staat daar als alleereerste de tekst die ik in mijn hoofd had!
maar anyway, wel mooie foto's iris!
zoentjes van sanna
(oja: lesponieslilas is like, online! alleen er volgen nog even geen updates de komende tijd, want we zijn alledrie nogal druk)

I&A said...

It's almost like i can understand the dutch...

LJ said...

your pics are cool. I like the men's blazer!
xx-LJ from SOS!

marinanke said...

jullie zijn zo leuk! hih

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