Wishing life was a Comic

Hi people! It's Iris. This is a wall from my room. It has got a lot of comics on it. HAHA and wow it was a difficult thing to get the comicposters on the wall. I wanted them very high and I am such a small girl, so i couldn't reach it! So i grabed a chair and put it on my bed and I climbed on it. It was so funny! I fell really hard. But i fell on my bed. Erm, what am I saying? I really FLEW on my bed! So no worries. I like the black and white posters with the colourfull posters. Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman! I just love Spiderman! I hope you like my wall.


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D-andelion said...

Haha, geweldig gedaan!

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