a blue moth lives in my house




Mirthe said...

it's lovely!

Kylie said...

Are these taken by you? Incredible, the moth looks like its glowing or something!

About my hair: I did have to bleach my hair to get it blonde but I didn't do it myself. I went to a salon twice to get it all done AND I'm probably going to get it bleached once more because I want white, and not so yellow-looking as it is now.
If Pieter wants to bleach his hair then I say go for it! You don't need to go to a salon, just go to the drugstore and buy an at-home bleach kit. I've know people who bleach there own hair all the time and it looks great. As for adding a rainbow colour, I used a semi-permanent dye called Jerome Russel "Punky Color", but there is also a brand called Manic Panic that seems to be a favourite. They're got a lot of colours to choose from on their website which you can order:
A mint green sounds INANELY GOOD! Manic Panic has a green that looks pretty bright, but if you washed it out after a while it would lighten to a lovely minty colour.

Good luck Pieter, and you guys can email me if you have any other questions. I hope this helped!


nora maryll said...

cool photography, is it taken by you? i love it!! and your blog too

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