if you're never sorry then you can't be forgiven

i luvz disney, brown bags and my travel-book where i write all my trips with pieter and other lovely people in, and fun stuff that i've seen on my trips. have a nice weekend everyone!!


Kylie said...

Omg, Iris I love you. I wish i was sitting in that forest with you...

I'm going to see Toy story 1+2 tonight! Wooo, popcorn!!

ps- I've always wondered how do you know english? Did you learn it in school?


Anonymous said...

ooohh i want to read that book of yours. and go to places and do my own.
and you are lovelyyyy.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaawh! te lief ik wil dat boekje zien!!!! in real life! en hahahah ik zie onze parkfoto's en je tas is leuk! maar dat had ik al een keer gezegd en je beker is ook echt heel tof en IK MIS JE! xx

Tiddde said...

i'm in that book!!! yay!

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