outside the cars are beeping out a song

Yay! i got signed by an agency!!

All photos by Armando Branco


anuschaa said...

ohhh fantastic :O that ist peter from this blog ?

Laura Crocodile said...

lovely eyes :)

Kylie said...

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't beleive it, you did it!! Your a model! Ah, I'm so proud of you, and these shots are just breathtaking. The slicked-back hair looks so FIERCE! I can't wait to see more!

Tiddde said...

aah nice!

heel vette foto's!

loen. said...

yeeeeuy! pretty! (of zeg je dat niet tegen jongens? handsome dan?) en geleuliciteeeerrrd! kussjes.

tracy said...

you look great pieter!
even my mum says so :P
wow, awesome!
congrats! :D

chris petres said...

ahaha no fucking way!!thats great

fresh said...

reeeaallyy cooooooool !! amazing ! (saw the internetsite from this photographer, wauw !) you really did a good job by having this agency !

Chip said...

Wow! Incredible

Mirthe said...

wat extreem vet! echt super foto's!

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