yankee doodle never went to town

haha my mum secretely wrote something in my everything-in-one-book where i write in everything i want. it was very sweet!

you can fail. but learn! people may fail many times, but they become failures only when they begin to blame someone else


Anonymous said...

mooi gezegd van je ma!

Nice and Shiny said...

That is so sweet about what your mom wrote, and so true! Words of wisdom<3

And that top made me laugh, i love it's cheesiness! lol, so so cute


Mirthe said...

Ah wauw, zo'n boekje is echt fantastisch. Vooral als je moeder er zulke mooie dingen in zet.

Je rokje is heel mooi:)

Isabel said...

Awesome outfit! I love your shit, it made me laugh.

Martine said...

awaw u bent zo mooi he

erin said...

i couldn't agree more with the words on your shirt!

and lovely skirt and belt combo.


Marmelindela said...

Sjemig. Je bent zo mooi in je foto's. En je moeder is schattig. En je shirt is echt gaaf, ik hou van die suffe shirtdingen, ze zijn mooi.

Anonymous said...

the shirt is damn hilarious. and cute! as you he he!

lovelovelove this outfit.

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