regin-ah-regin -ah-ah-ah

ahw pi is going on vacation today for two weeks to greece. luckily we decided to plan this week full with fun stuff before he left. tuesday we saw regina spektor!!!!! finally! it was so indescribable! she's the sweetest person on this whole planet. wednesday pieter went to a model agency, and they were so positive! hah it's so awesome, i can't wait for the future to bring lots of excited adventures! pictuuuuures, borrowed from friends except the polaroids. own regina photographs will come someday!

we love you regina


Anonymous said...

leuke fotos!

tracy said...

hahaha, ik heb zo lang voor deze post gewacht. super koele foto's seems like a fun time.
aaaaaaaah, modellen bureau :D veel succes!

Tasha Jade said...

We are similar :) I like that. Lets be friends. We will frolic in fields of flowers and eat cupcakes. Metaphorically.

Mirthe said...

Ah wat grappig, dan heb ik het dus goed gezien;) Jullie stonden er aan de foto's te zien al heel vroeg. Waren jullie dan degenen die toen de deuren open gingen er bijna erachter verdwenen? Iedereen was op een gegeven moment aan het duwen om binnen te komen.
Ik hooooop dat ze snel terugkomt. Het was zo perfect!
En Femke's haar is inderdaad geweldig!

Nice and Shiny said...

aah, So cool!! I'm so happy you guys got to see your hero, so exciting :D

The photos are amazing, like always!! Gahh, you guys are too cool!


Sharon said...

aaaaaaah wat heerlijk<3
wat zagen jullie er lief uittt!!!
jou rok is echt liefde ierie

oooh man ik ontplof.
en ik ga in augustus naar utrecht whoehoeeei
en we gaan naar de efteling

omgosh ik ben druk hihi ik verveel me.


Anonymous said...

aaww the tenth photo of you two is adorable.
you rock. i want to travel there and hang out with you guys, yeaaah.

oh and way to go pieter!

Linda said...

awww jouw polaroids zijn ook hartstikke tof geworden! en ik zie mijn regina foto's, hihi.

Tiddde said...

sweet guitar!

doh, those polaroids are great! :D


Lisa said...

Oh regina!!! your blog is so coool! Where are you from? xoxo

Thomas said...

and I'm so jealous, I still haven't seen Regina ;(

arianna said...

i love love love regina spektor!
you are so very lucky to have seen her live!

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