i made the dinosaur tee from a pillow cover haha, it's kinda mutant, but the print earns a big heart! i love it so much! and i also made the headband myself. dinosaurs <3333


Sharon said...

IRIS je lokt goddelijkheid uit!

Anonymous said...

oh guess what? one day i was like, dude i can't wear anything because it's so hot out there, and then i went and cut myself a dress from a pillowcase!
it turned out really cool but i have to admit you did kind of better with all the dinosaurs and buttons...

...actually you did a lot better, ha! and love the headband!

doctors and dealers said...

je haarband is geniaal!
en je naai skills ook
al klinkt dat een beetje raar haha

lauren said...

you're so gorgeous, love you hair and the headband!

Miles Alexander Hart said...

i watched 'ice-age 3' the other day. if that's anything to go by, dinosaurs are def making a come back =)

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