last weekend we went to a party in rotterdam with lovely people, and before that we just chilled outside because the weather was so nice. it was a day full of fun and we danced our asses of!


Creaholica said...

waaaaaaaaaaaah. dat is nou wat je noemt gezellig en lol. super deze foto's!

Anonymous said...

het was echt gezellig :) aaach die foto's zijn lieeeeevvv!

Anonymous said...


i'd do anything to be there with you guys. hello, you are amazing. all of you.

Martine said...

hihiiii wat lievelijk
en je schoenen
ik wil ze nog steeds

yiqin; said...

Such awesome photos!!I want your boots <3

erin said...

you guys look so awesome!
love those red docs.


Shen-Shen said...

Sounds like it was fun! You both look super cute :D

marinanke said...

leuke fotos!
ziet er uit als een hele gezellige tijd! :]

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