dolpins outer space

dolphin tee - vintage
dr.martens boots


anuschaa said...

ohh very beautiful pics :)

Marmelindela said...

Inderdaad, die foto's zijn goed. En, JETSHIRTISZOGENIAAL. Ik bedoel, kijk hem! Nou. Echt vet. Ik zal deze blog ook maar linken dan hè?

chris petres said...

please send me that and ill send you another vtg tee! !
i LOVE this

avputries said...

cute! haha i love dolphins.

erin said...

that is my dream t-shirt that you're wearing. it'd be great if dolphins really did float around in outer space! oh man, if only.

also, you are gorgeous! i absolutely love your blog guys! damn good job on that.
(love your blog title, hehehe)

i'm adding you to my blogroll right this instant.


Musty said...

Aah ik wist niet dat a little bag of cocaine weer leefde!
Jullie foto's zijn altijd leuk om te kijken.

yiqin; said...

Dr martens!!! Hot hot hot!

Tiddde said...

that shirt looks like a game on www.spele.nl called Dolphin Olympics! : D

so cool.


TINE said...

hah random shirt! But I love it.

Martine said...

aaaah geweldig
alles (L)

shoshi said...

im IN LOVE with this tee. i know its vintage but im going to make it my mission to find one similar. LOVE your blog. exchange links?

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