i (iris) really think pieter should model! he's a giant and i think he is perfect for modeling. soooo a quizzzz for all of you guys

question 1: should pieter model?

B. no man jee-sus
C. -own answer-

so give your opinion! i'm curious how other people think about it.

OH AND! i really want to cut my hair (again) and really short. something like this.

question 2: should i cut my hair like this?
ps. i really have curly hair, but straighteners can do magic.

A. YEH fck it, just cut it!
B. what that short? noooo!
C. -own answer-

i don't have a question 3 haha


anuschaa said...

yes of course !!!! :) i love your blog !!

anuschaa said...
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anuschaa said...

he looks like peter pan x)

meppen said...

really short and curly hair is like the hair of my dreams! so yes, cut it!

and pieter would be a perfect model

Anonymous said...

he's so handsome. oh my what the model world is missing now!
YEHHHHHH with dozen exclamation marks

i lovelovelove your curly hair now buy go for it!
short hair on girls = win!

Lau said...

Iris you will look great with such style-cut hair-! It's the best for the summer time.
And I think Peter should be a model.. he looks great in all the pictures

Ilovevynilrecords said...

Q1: Yeaaaaaaaah!!
Q2: dunno.. I love your hair like this (as it is now). It really suits your face.

Stacy said...

both answers are A- hell yes! he has gorgeous eyes and lips (im not creepy i swear haha) and you'd look great with short hair


erin said...

YES he should model! do it, give it a go.

and YES cut your hair like that! you have the beautiful face to pull it off.


adamXXX said...


i lov lov lov astro nomy as much as i loved spice girlz in the 90s. when i was a kid i wanted to work for NASA, now i am dreaming about work with scully and mulder from xfiles

Anonymous said...

1. A
en 2. je haar mag korter, maar niet al te kort! die curlzz mogen niet weg! dan krijg ik een heart attack!
kissis from oct0w

Creaholica said...

1. A
2. Stijlen is wel echt een klote werk hoor! Ik had er ook op gewaagd, en dacht ik doe het gewoon. Maar nu wil ik het weer laten groeien :$ Maar aan de andere kant, wat houd je tegen!

Creaholica said...

2 was dus C haha

rachel said...

1. ever since i started reading your blog, i have had the biggest crush on pieter. he is gorgeous and the modeling world would love him.

2. i have also had a huge crush on your hair since i have the same type BUT YOURS IS SO MUCH BETTER. so do what you want with it.

and you both have kick ass clothes. the end.

tracy said...

2. zie 1.

tracy said...

en jaaa, het is een nieuw nummer!
ik wet, george zn steem is echt anders, ik herkende ze eerst niet todat dallas ging zingen.
ik moet moet moet moet moet gaan + album kopen + t-shirt dat zegt "HAI IRIS" (weet je nog, dat wilde ik doen toen ik bijna naar yma6 ging).

abster said...

i think he should ...how tall is he

Vanamo said...

pieter should be a model, gorgeous eyes whoaah and lips! :OO
and hair will always grow back, so don't hesitate to cut it! ;)
love this blog!

Anonymous said...


Nice and Shiny said...

YES Pieter should be a model, he's sexy!

and YES i think your hair would look rad all short like that. Maybe have it short on the sides and then a curly mop on top. Soooo hot!


kelsea said...

1. yessss to pieter!! he's got such clear skin and an odd beauty! send out his photos :]

2. and yessss to your new hair! i love fo's short hair!

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