It's contagious

I haven't had made pictures of my outfit for weeks now, so the time had come to make some pics. It's actually one shot, because the other ones were a bit blurry and crap.

Shirt - American Apparel
Blazer - Secondhand
Jeans - American Apparel
Shoes - Converse

Also, we got tagged by Kelsea!

Four Things I Did Yesterday (since I just woke up today):
1. Offcourse listening to my favourite music
2. School
3. Have a phonecall with Iris
4. I read

Four Things on My To-Do List:
1. Visit a Regina Spektor concert. I want it so bad!
2. Go to Amsterdam
3. Read books
4. Have a Disney-marathon with Iris!

Four Guilty Pleasures:
1. I eat so much chips. I should be ashamed
2. I listen to silly old childish music
3. I forget about the gym all the time. I need to go soon
4. My computer. I'm kind of addicted...

Four Random Facts About Me:
1. I play the Piano. I also write songs.
2. Lost and Heroes are my favourite series. I can't stop watching it! I'm going to watch it over again as soon as possible since I've bought DVD-boxes.
3. Pancakes are freaking delicious. Seriously, it's the best thing on a sunday morning.
4. After school, Iris and I want to visit the USA for one year, we prefer California!


S of Modern-Guilt said...

I love this look! So simple and elegant and chic.

BĂ©nine said...

I'd recommend NYC. It's addictive. ^^

Lisa said...

pieterrrrrrr, jij speelt piano? trouw met me.

ooohmaureen said...

leuk voor je.

yiqin; said...

Mmhmm I really need to get converse shoes!

the yellow elephant said...

love the outfit. that is how most guys should dress!

issa said...

very cool!

kelsea said...

that blazer looks so good!!!
haha, i love lost also :3

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