What I wore a week ago

I know, the title sounds pretty lame, but I just totally forgot to make some new pics and since I didn't put last weeks pics on our blog I decided to do a 'what i wore last week-post'.

blouse - vintage
jeans - zara
shoes - vintage
cap - grandpa's


MONI said...

I love the color of those jeans!!...you can send them to me!1..:)..

Juli said...

I like the skirt...=) looks good. =)

ooohmaureen said...

nou sorry, maar je hoeft niet op m'n blog te kijken als je, je er alleen maar aan irriteert! houdoe

Lana said...

Leuke outfit, en je blouse is super!

S said...

Liked it on chictopia, still like it on here :)

Aly-gator said...

an actual boy that takes part in blogging, what an adorable outfit. www.thedailyalygator.blogspot.com

Ca said...

Aaah, the bright shoes!

BHH said...

OOh, I like your shirt!

getting-freaky said...

leuke blouse

Dream on said...

ooohsuper die schoenen,blouse
en bril!

Mel said...

oh so stylish!especially the shoes,they have so unique colour..

pumpkin soup said...

leuke foto's!
ik weet niet wat voor camera het
precies is, want hij is niet van
mij. maar het is in ieder geval
een Canon powershot ofzoiets? :$

Shelovestheradio said...

leuk :). ik vind je petje en bril echt supervet!

Alice Point said...

checked, vintage blouse is super stylish! You look cool! :)

mandycharlene said...

vette kleren!

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