Keep glowing till everything is gone

Hi! It's Iris. I adore glowsticks! I can't imagine how a stick you break, can light up! So amazing! I allways think photographs with lights that are wiped out all over your photograph are beautiful. Think about streetlights! This photograph for example.

I can watch pictures like this for hours. And the fact that I like glowsticks a lot, I wanted to experiment with it in a photograph. WOW it was kinda difficult. The photo's that came out are kinda creepy. But I still like them anyway. It was fun to do!

By the way! I never told you all that I have a DeviantArt. It's a website where you can show people your photographs and other creations. Fantastic site! Take a look at my DeviantArt! I hope you enjoy it. http://galaxydefenderss.deviantart.com

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Ca said...

Wow, scary but also intriguing. Well done!

And I loooove glowing sticks as well, haha.

spacetrees said...

het ziet er echt hartstikke cool uit.
je moet die tweede echt op je dA zetten.

josefine said...

love these pics!

Dream on said...

super foto's
en leuke site ook!

S said...

My bf does light photography and recently had a gallery opening with images like these!

You have a great eye for visuals I think :)

Joni said...

Enter Shikari is really great live, they're so energetic.

yiqin; said...

Love the effects! & yes the last picture scare me but it is still awesome!

Dapper Kid said...

Looove these photographs, they are delightful :)

thefashionmaven said...

when i was in art school (photography), i did a whole series of self-portraiture that was similar but done in black light in florescent clothing and accessories. it's fun to play with light and photo!

Shelovestheradio said...

ik hou ook van zulke foto's hihi! en je deviantart is ook leuk, jij hebt echt al tof je kleren bewerkt en vette effecten met de foto's gedaan enzo. :)

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