My Paper Style Dairy

Hi everyone! It's Iris. I started a book when I was 12 years old. I've worked on it for one month, and after that I was too busy with other stuff so I didn't finish it. But a couple of weeks ago I found it back! I tought: WOW! that's a long time ago! The dust on it just flew in my eyes haha. I call it a 'My Paper Style Dairy'. The book is full of selfmade collages with all different types of styles. I'll continue my book but I will do it in a different way. Now I'm not going to make collages of styles, but collages about everything that inspires me. A 'What inspires me' book!


A kind of intro

Style: Denim

Style: Tiger

Style: Sailormaid

Style: Cowgirl

Style: Bows

Style: Rock'n'Roll

Style: Pirates

I was so proud on the Denim and Rock'n'Roll page! I could watch the pages for hours. OH.. i love Jack Sparrow haha! I was totally brainwashed by him so I had to make a Pirate page. Hope you like it! I'll post my upcoming pages soon.


Henry Homesweet Laputa


Mylene said...

Vette shit Iris!!! :D
Jullie hele site trouwens. (L) En je foto's. I like it!

emilie said...

that looks like a photoshopped notebook?

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