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Wow, this is our very first post. First post on blogspot ever. We were so excited to make a blog about us!

Okay. Something about us. We are Pieter and Iris and we are from Holland. We are going to tell something about each other! We didn't want to write something about ourselves because it would be a lot of crap. So we decided to write about each other.

Pieter about Iris:
Iris is the sweetest girl! She is one of my best friends. She is always happy. ALWAYS. Iris is a very creative girl. She loves photography. She's also her own model. The camera loves her pretty face. She has such a cuteness you want to hug. Iris loves to draw. She draws most of her drawings on thirts or hoodies. All her designs are amazing! I would wear everything she makes. She wants to be a designer when she's older, and i really think she could be a great one. Iris and I listen the simular music. She loves chiptune artists like Unicorn Kid, Sabrepulse, Henry Homesweet and Falco Lombardi. I always get energy when I listen to this happy music, and so does Iris. Iris and I are in love with Regina Spektor. Her music is so beautiful, with crazy elements. When Regina will come to Holland Iris and I will definitly visit one of her performence. IRIS is a cutiehead, and I'm sure we'll be friends for ever (that sounds kinda dramatic but I think it's the truth)

Iris about Pieter:
Hiyaaa! My name is Iris and im 15 years old. I am going to tell you a little something about Pieter. Pieter is one of the funniest people ive ever known. He can cheer me up as the best. Music, thats what he likes! He plays piano and his favourite music artist is Regina Spektor. (she's freaking unbelievable good). Pieter's got some crazy and different style. He likes colours and oldschool stuff like Nintendo 64 and Gameboys. Its a very creative dude and he will always stay the way he is. Don't go changing. His passion is the theatre. Later he will become and actor. HELLYEAH i want to see him on tv! Pieter is sweeeeter! So whatever if you don't like him or something.
Gutentag Bye Aufwiedersehen Goodbye Ciao Seeeeyaa
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